Tecnar Is Stronger Than Ever In Europe With Three New Sales Agents For The Lut 2.0


Tecnar, a Canadian developer, manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge industrial sensors for online real-time process monitoring, is proud to announce three new European sales agents. Leruste & Cie in France, Proyecto Ilimitado in Spain and VFM Service SRL in Romania will help Tecnar expand its European reach and give customers in these regions better access to the Lut 2.0 for wall thickness gauge for hot seamless steel tube and pipes. 

The Lut 2.0 is the latest, most advanced wall thickness gauge in Tecnar’s product line. It offers unparalleled precision with safe, real-time wall thickness measurements in harsh mill conditions. Its advanced accuracy, reliability and ease of use make the Lut 2.0 an essential tool for seamless tube and pipe manufacturing plants. Based on laser-ultrasonic technology, the Lut 2.0 can be used anywhere on the production line, from piercing up-front to sizing at the end of the hot manufacturing process, with or without the presence of a mandrel in the shell, with light to heavy product bouncing and from small to large outer diameter ranges.

Now, with the appointment of three new agents in Europe, the innovative Lut 2.0 can be introduced to a wider audience in Europe. And with their knowledge of local markets and sales and marketing expertise, our new agents will help Tecnar forge strong, enduring relationships with customers in France, Spain and Romania.

(This article was originally published in ITATUBE Journal – May 2023)

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