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The Lut 2.0 thickness gauge continuously monitors tube production to attain better mill yield. With the Lut 2.0 user interface, operators have access to critical information such as tube profiles, radial cross-section, average values and production trends.

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The Lut 2.0 user interface gives operators access to critical information such as:

  • Tube profiles
  • Radial cross-section
  • Average values 
  • Production trends

Real-time production tracking

Through real-time communication with the plant’s automation system, the Lut 2.0 constantly monitors the tubes’ nominal characteristics. If the Lut detects any deviations from the setpoint, mill operators are automatically notified of the issue.

The plant’s automation system assigns a unique ID to each tube the Lut 2.0 measures. By tracking each tube at every manufacturing step, operators can customize the rolling schedule of individual pieces based on the information detailed by the Lut 2.0.

Ready for feedback

The Lut 2.0 has a direct interface with the plant network. Within a few seconds of leaving the probe location, the tube data is available for process control. This information is seamlessly transferred to the mill via the Lut SQL database and can be used to correct any deviation in wall thickness.

Advanced analytics

The Lut 2.0 advanced wall thickness profile analysis algorithms:

  • Detect the length of heavy ends. With this information, closed-loop feedback systems can adjust mill settings to minimize the length. It’s also useful for operating cold cutting stations.
  • Distinguish between the different eccentricity orders and quantify them individually. With this information, sound decisions can be made about adjustments to mill settings and to the maintenance schedule.

Performance tracking from anywhere, anytime

The easy-to-use, customizable, web-based Lut 2.0 software allows users to adapt the interface to their specific needs. Whether the user is an operator, a manager or a QC inspector, they’ll enjoy an uncluttered working environment that facilitates access to critical information.

Lut 2.0 Prodatalog

All of the data captured by the Lut 2.0 is archived in a SQL database. With easy customizable queries, any tube or batch data can be recalled and visualized at any time. The Lut Prodatalog helps process engineers find correlations between different mill settings and final tube characteristics, providing new insights into the manufacturing process

Fully automated

The Lut 2.0  doesn’t require any human intervention during production. When each new tube arrives at the measuring location, the Lut positioning device automatically adjusts the probe height for optimal performance while ensuring a safe working distance from the tube.

Using data from the mill, critical data processing parameters, such as sound velocity, which is a function of steel alloy, are automatically set in the Lut software, providing the most accurate wall thickness measurements possible.

Intelligent hardware monitoring

Lut 2.0 software constantly monitors hundreds of metrics to keep track of hardware performance. If any issue arises, the user is immediately alerted and the intuitive software interface guides them through a troubleshooting sequence to solve the problem as quickly as possible. In addition, the Lut software will prompt users when consumables are at the end of their lifecycle and need to be replaced.

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