Benteler, founded in 1876, is a global, family-owned company serving customers in automotive technology, the energy sector and mechanical engineering. The Division Steel/Tube develops and produces quality seamless and welded quality steel tubes. Production at Benteler’s hot rolling mill in Paderborn began in 1951. Thanks to their long-term commitment to development and innovation, BENTELER is today one of the leading seamless tube manufacturers.

Reliable and easy to maintain

“In 2017, we decided to replace our Lut with the new generation: the Lut 2.0. The main driver behind this decision was that the Lut 2.0 uses a diode-based laser that doesn’t require any flashlamp replacements and needs little maintenance. The system was installed in the fall of 2017. Since its commissioning, the system met our requirements for reliability, yielding industrial availability in excess of 98%.”

M. Thomas Michels
Hot Rolling/Cold Drawing Mill Plant Manager

Closed-loop feedback

wall thickness control system


>98% industrial availability

Track and identify issues

Find sources of wall thickness eccentricity

Fully automated, closed-loop, wall thickness control

“The new Lut system, with its high-resolution and advanced signal analysis algorithms, has enabled us to implement new monitoring systems, helping us to track and identify sources of thickness deviations and use it for closed-loop wall thickness control systems. We trust the gauge and actively use it to compensate for thickness variation with the stretch reducer that follows the reeler.”

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