Lut 2.0 – The New Standard For Online Wall Thickness Gauging Of Hot Seamless Tubes And Pipes


Tecnar continues to push the boundaries of innovation with sale of two Lut 2.0 online wall thickness gauges in China. The Canadian developer and manufacturer of advanced sensors for industrial process monitoring and control recently sold a Lut 2.0 SPS (Single Probe Scanner) to the Baotou Steel Seamless Pipe Company for its Multi-stands Plug Mill (MPM) continuous rolling mill and a Lut 2.0 DPS (Dual Probe Scanner) to the Daye Special Steel Company for its Assel mill. These purchases give both companies the state-of-the-art tools to better monitor and understand their seamless manufacturing process and improve productivity.

The Lut 2.0 is the latest version of Tecnar’s non-contact ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for the online measurement of hot seamless steel tube and pipe. The Lut 2.0’s laser-ultrasonic technology can be used anywhere on the production line, from piercing up-front to sizing at the end of the hot manufacturing process, with or without a mandrel, with light to heavy bouncing. And the Lut 2.0 is perfectly suited for an MPM or Assel mill: There’s no need to wait until the mandrel is removed to measure the wall thickness profile of the tube or pipe.

The Lut 2.0 provides the most accurate wall thickness and eccentricity measurements in the industry. As the Lut 2.0 rapidly scans the circumference of the tube and pipe, radial wall thickness profiles are displayed with unparalleled detail. These details give the operator a real-time view of the impact of roller settings in multiple-stand mills, such as an MPM.

The Lut 2.0, based on Tecnar’s decades of expertise in steel and seamless pipe and tube mills, is the next generation of non-contact online ultrasonic wall thickness gauges. The system is more robust and reliable than ever for plant operation with new proprietary products such as the Marathon, a maintenance-free diode-pump laser and the Durabeam, a sealed optical system specifically designed for a harsh, dirty environment. All of this makes the Lut 2.0 the new standard for online wall thickness gauging of hot seamless tubes and pipes. And since it’s the only system that’s free from harmful radiation, it’s also the safest in the industry.


(This article was originally published in ITATUBE Journal – December 2022)

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