Lut 2.0 DPS/
Dual Probe Scanner

Lut 2.0 DPS for
2-roll stand mills

The Lut 2.0 Dual Probe Scanner configuration is ideal for:

  • MPM – Multistand Pipe Mills
  • Continuous mandrel mills

With its versatile two probes mounted on a scanning system, the Lut 2.0 DPS is the only thickness gauge specifically designed to operate at the exit of a 2-roll stand mill.

Dual probe scanning and positioning device

  • High spatial resolution provides the best-cross sectional profile possible 
  • Scanning unit completes an entire cross-sectional profile in under two seconds
  • Two measurement probes, positioned 180° apart, are aligned with the main rolling axis
  • Not affected by a mandrel. Can be installed directly at the exit of the mill.
  • Small footprint: as little as 1200 mm x 3000 mm of floor space is required
  • No tube guiding required
  • Built to sustain direct tube impact 
  • Integrated turnkey equipment with all support systems included.

Key hardware advantages

  • Marathon™ laser, with a diode lifetime of 6 billion shots, does not require any regular maintenance
  • Durabeam™ fully sealed optical assembly for years of maintenance-free operations
  • PDL™ provides a wide working margin (>350mm) so the Lut 2.0 can operate at a safe distance from the tube
  • TWM™ high-sensitivity detector is naturally immune to ambient vibrations.
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Intuitive user interfaces

The Lut 2.0 thickness gauge continuously monitors tube production to attain better mill yield. Through the user interface, operators have access to all critical information in real time. Any archived data can be recalled and visualized at any time. The customizable user interface allows the user to visualize:

  • Tube profiles
  • Radial cross-section
  • Average values 
  • Production trends

The Lut 2.0 advanced analytics module:

  • Detects and quantifies eccentricity orders individually
  • Measures the position of heavy/light ends
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Maintenance plan

Predictability is key to managing the operational costs of a seamless line. Our service plan gives plant managers the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll never incur unexpected repair costs.

  • Flat-rate, all inclusive, 5-year plan
  • Insures > 98% industrial availability
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Available options

Technical specifications - Lut 2.0 DPS


Wall thickness measurement


3 to 50 mm

0.1 to 2.0 in.


± 0.1 mm for nominal thickness under 20 mm

± 0.004 in. for nominal thickness under 0.8 in.

± 0.2 mm for nominal thickness from 20 to 25 mm

± 0.008 in. for nominal thickness from 0.8 to 1 in.

± 0.4 mm for nominal thickness over 25 mm

± 0.016 in. for nominal thickness over 1 in.


Better than 0.01 mm

Better than 0.0004 in.

Steel grades

Any steel alloys, including stainless

Any steel alloys, including stainless

Tube outer diameter


25 mm to 570 mm

1 in. to 22 in.

Temperature measurement


600°C to 1200°C

1100°F to 2200°F


± 50°C

± 120°F

Data acquisition


Up to 200 data samples/sec.

Up to 200 data samples/sec.


2 sec. for complete cross-section

2 sec. for complete cross-section

Ready to increase plant yield by 5%

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