Baotou Steel

Baotou Steel, a state-owned enterprise in Baotou city, Inner Mongolia province of China was founded in 1954 and today it is the largest steel enterprise in the region. Baotou Steel produces a wide range of iron and steel products and is the site of China’s largest scientific research and production base of rare earth.

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Baotou’s No. 180 production line epitomizes a contemporary MPM mill designed for manufacturing tubes with wall thicknesses ranging from 4 to 27 mm and an outer diameter varying from 60 to 245 mm. The precise calibration of roll-stand settings is pivotal to ensuring high-quality production outputs. Integrating the Lut 2.0 at the mill’s output gives the operator critical real-time information to keep production within specified tolerances and to promptly react to changing conditions.

The system’s longitudinal wall thickness and eccentricity profiles quickly pinpoint potential heating or piercing issues. The high-resolution radial profile also offers critical insight into roll pressure dynamics to prevent overfill or underfill conditions. What’s more, it helps to detect polygonization of the inner wall shape.

High-radial resolution

Clear viewing of overfill or underfill conditions

User-friendly software

Early deviation tracking and cause identification

Advance profile analysis

Identification of sources of eccentricity

Immediate impact on profitability

Real-time, accurate and true measurements – without averaging or modelling – provide feedback to better control heavy and light ends. This results in less material loss and more economic benefits.

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