Nothing beats ultrasound for tube rolling plants

The Lut 2.0 brings ultrasound performance to online hot wall thickness measurement with 10µm precision.

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Accurate, true wall thickness

Advantages of laser-ultrasonic technology over radiometric gauges:

  • Direct, true wall thickness measurements
  • Higher outer diameter range available
  • Accuracy unaffected by environment, such as water, dirt, dust and vibration
  • No need for continuous recalibration
  • Captures all critical tube characteristics and features.
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Direct eccentricity measurement

Laser ultrasonics is the only online technology that can directly detect and quantify eccentricity. The Lut 2.0 software automatically detects and monitors eccentricity sources, such as unevenly heated billets, incorrect piercing mill settings, plug wear, etc.

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From billet piercing to cooling bed

With its laser ultrasonic core technology, Lut 2.0 is not affected by tube motion or by a mandrel. What’s more, since it’s compatible with any tube diameter and heavy wall tubes, it can be installed at any step in the manufacturing process. All this gives operators information that is simply not available with traditional radiometric gauging technologies.

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Proven reliability

With a proven industrial availability of over 98%, the Lut 2.0 is the process monitoring gauge you can trust. And its rugged reliability is all due to Tecnar’s proprietary-designed, high-powered diode pumped Marathon™ Laser at its core.

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No gamma ray

The Lut 2.0 doesn’t produce nor use any harmful radiation, making it a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to radiometric gauges.

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Industry 4.0 ready

The Lut 2.0 comes with a web-based interface, SQL database and advanced analytical tools for simple integration of the gauge into the plant’s IT infrastructure and adherence to the new industry 4.0 standard.

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Ongoing support and warranty

Tecnar takes pride in offering the best manufacturing/engineering warranty and support in the business so you can rely on Lut 2.0 for years to come.

But don’t just take our word for it… take it from our customers.

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