Lut 2.0: Advanced Dual-Mode Online Wall Thickness Gauge for Seamless Steel Tubes and Pipes Manufacturing with Enhanced Data Clarity and Analysis


Tecnar, a leading provider of advanced technological solutions for the seamless steel tubes and pipes manufacturing industry, has recently launched its latest product, the Lut 2.0 online wall thickness gauge. This state-of-the-art gauge offers a dual mode of operation, allowing for both scanning and static modes, providing different views of the wall thickness variation along the seamless steel tubes and pipes’ length or circumference, at any stage of the hot forging process.

The Lut 2.0’s advanced capabilities provide unparalleled data clarity, helping operators evaluate the situation more effectively. In its scanning mode, the Lut 2.0 provides the highest radial resolution online hot wall thickness gauge in the market. This feature offers exceptional visibility of minute details in the tubes and pipes’ inner profile, such as wall variation caused by localized overfilling or underfilling. In addition, it enables operators to revise the setting of the roll-stands setup, by tracking the residual rectangular shape of the inner wall, improving production efficiency and accuracy.

Moreover, in its static mode, the Lut 2.0 length profile display provides clear indications of offset eccentricities, 1st order eccentricity, caused by non-uniform heating of the billet or tool wear. This capability allows operators to pinpoint the cause of any production drifts, facilitating rapid response and resolution.

In addition to these features, the Lut 2.0 includes wall thickness cycle analysis software that identifies the source of each cycle present in the length profile wall thickness variation. This software enables operators to analyze production trends and optimize processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Tecnar is renowned for its continuous dedication to delivering innovative solutions that meet its customers’ evolving needs. The company works closely with its users to develop solutions that address their specific challenges, enabling them to achieve maximum value and efficiency.

The Lut 2.0 is an industry game-changer that will revolutionize how seamless steel tubes and pipes manufacturers approach wall thickness measurement and control. With its advanced technical features and unparalleled data clarity, the gauge will enable operators to make informed decisions that enhance production quality and efficiency.
Tecnar’s dedication to providing advanced solutions sets it apart in the industry, and the Lut 2.0 is a testament to this commitment. For more information on the Lut 2.0, get in touch with Tecnar directly.

(This article was originally published in ITATUBE Journal – May 2023)

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